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Sweding iteration

Ok, so have you seen a movie called “Be kind, rewind” ?
If you haven’t, well, this post may not make a lot of sense to you.

But….. for those who have:

Think about this. What if you took “Be kind, rewind” and sweded it? And then sweded the sweded version. And then continued this process for a number of iterations? (We are, of course, discounting the fact that sweded films tend to be shorter than the original. Let’s imagine that doesn’t happen).

So let’s give this a whirl. What would happen with subsequent iterations? This is just my theory, please feel free to add stuff.

0. Be kind, rewind
1. Haha, we sweded “be kind, rewind”
2. Only seasoned filmgoers would recognize the original film
5. What? That was weird man
10. Cheech & Chong
15. Japanese version of D. Quixote
20. Finnish film
25. Finnish experimental film
30. A present to the Alpha Centaury Ambassador

… ?


4 comentarios to “Sweding iteration”

  1. juas! A present to the Alpha Centaury Ambassador! Ibas fumao o qué? Por cierto, que la peli es una mierda….

  2. Si, la peli no es gran cosa, pero me mola la idea de hacer eso con una peli una y otra vez, como un telefono escacharrao ad infinitum.

    Y para tu información, iba sobrio.

  3. ¿Pontelo tu cabrón, que es tu perfil! ¿No te digo? xD que caradura


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