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So I was in Lyon around a month ago. I have this very good friend there, and I HAD to pay a visit, which gave way to a series of very interesting firsts!

– Covoiturage: Yep. That’s what all the cool kids are using these days. Essentially people who are travelling somewhere (either on a one-off or on a regular basis) put it up on the website. Like that, you can join up. For them it’s company and gas money. For you it’s cheap travel and the possibility of meeting random, interesting people.

– Food: Do you know what’s traditional in Lyon? Tripes. That is to say, all manner of sausages made with innards. Delicious food. Go there, indulge yourself. And talking about food, I lost a bet and I have to admit that I’m a sissy that didn’t manage to eat as much as my (female) friend there. She’s American (Hey Philly! Happy b-day again! [she’s me best public u know]) and it looks like over there, it is a big humiliation if a member of the male tribe is out-eaten by females. Or something. Another friend who was present, from Russia, was making fun of me too. So…

– Sights:

And neat Roman ruins and stuff.

– The museum of miniatures:
Seriously, there’s this amazing museum. The owner is a man who creates backgrounds for films. He had, right there, the real backgrounds for “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”, he had done it. He had the REAL costume for C3PO right there! And atrezzo from Starship troopers (The film that… now… how could I put it? If you ever see it, got to the FMI beforehand and ask for a loan of irony. You’re gonna need it. Otherwise it’s your sanity you are gambling…) And also lots and lots of impressive miniatures he had done, mostly of little objects and rooms. It was all kinds of amazing. Proof:

Yeeeeeeeeeeah, rock on!! This one goes for you, proud owner of an SG. You know who you are.

– A bar called “La Pipe”: ‘Nuff said.

– Political activism: Tunisian-born French were out in the streets supporting their brothers and friends back home. And there you had the powers that be overreacting and sending a massive detachment of riot police. Meh.

– Culture: I love this picture

Examine it. In case you don’t know, that’s the entrance to the Opera Hall in Lyon. And they are break dancing there, unopposed. Don’t you find it amazing?
I like to think of it as the old and venerable building of the Opera, who takes under her wings these new forms of art, with a bemused look, not understanding much, but feeling the passion of these kids, and showing tolerance.

– Bridges!!! But that’s for another post…

– History: How big could be my surprise at going into the main church of the place and finding mosaics of things I actually have heard of! The council of Ephesus for instance, but above all, the Battle of Lepanto, where Miguel de Cervantes foughts against the Turks and sunk 5 of their ships with his magical sword, before defeating Admiral Ali Pasha in single combat, only to lose his hand at the betrayal of an ally. lost his hand.

Anyway, go there if you can, it’s cool.


3 comentarios to “Lyon”

  1. YAY Philly! Yeah, I put you to shame at that table. But, it was soo good. Anyway, ma fesse is paying the price.

    I love that this post is classified under “Good things about Paris” Do you know that Paris and Lyon are rivals? I also learned last weekend that our Eiffel Tower is HIGHER than your Eiffel Tower 🙂 (Not bigger or taller, but higher!).

    Yup, you should just leave Paris and move here. 🙂

  2. You totally did floor me.

    Now, I cathegorized it there because…. because. But what’s up with you, lyonites? It’s all “LYon is better than paris” all the time!

  3. Well, it’s just that… Lyon IS better than Paris (just like Philly is better than New York)… but nobody knows it cause silly tourists only go to Paris, so we have to like, keep saying it.


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