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Les sommets d’internet / The summits of the internet

Je reconnais que, dernièrement, j’ai ajouté pas mal de posts dans cette cathégorie deplaisante, Cthulhu’s belly lint.
Alors on va changer, je vous montre les meilleurs moments d’internet.

LOLOLOLOL… because it’s a joke, right? (The onion)

Questionable Content

Paint is an amazing toy (Not strictly internet)

And my favorite: XKCD

But wait, there’s more!

There’s the amazing Jim Haynes
This guys invites you to his places to have dinner every Saturday, and that’s seriously amazing. Go if you can. I’ll have to write an article about it.

In the early 70s launch with Cathy Sroufe (now Monnet), a Sunday salon chez moi. It is still a major event in my life and takes place, rain or shine, every Sunday evening from 20h00 to 23h00 – except for the two or three weeks in August when I attend the Edinburgh International Festival. People, over the past twenty-five years, come from all corners of the world. To attend, please write, email or call to have your name added to that week’s list. >>

You can find beautiful short stories in French and Bulgarian

Guéorgui Gospodinov

Ever interested in and working in an organic farm, with a bunch of nice people? I love the idea
But you probably didn’t even had a clue that this existed and that thousands of people did this, right?

There’s TED

There are foreign radios
Эхо Москвы

😀 Yay, epicurean hedonism!


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