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PZL P.11

Ok, so the year has started. I think it’s the time to go ahead and say it, 11 is my favorite number, so I hope this year lives up to the expectations.

Anyway… the reason why I like that number is silly, so I’m not going to mention it. I’m going to mention a plane I really like instead. This is also a little homage to that beautiful country of Poland, that has produced so many people I love, and to the city of Krakow, where the last surviving P.11 can be found.

Hail to Krakow!
(wow, there’s a classical music piece called “I’m from Krakow”! Who would have known?)

The Polish Air Force PZL P.11

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The PZL P.11 was a Polish fighter aircraft, designed in the early 1930s by PZL in Warsaw. It was briefly considered to be the most advanced fighter aircraft design in the world.[1] The PZL P.11 served as Poland’s primary fighter defence in the Polish campaign of 1939, but by that point was outdated due to rapid advances in aircraft design.

P.11 as on display in the Polish Aviation Museum

Role Fighter
Manufacturer PZL
Designed by Zygmunt Pulawski
First flight August 1931
Introduced 1934
Retired 1945
Primary users Poland, Romania
Number built 325


3 comentarios to “PZL P.11”

  1. Didn’t know you were a plane nerd 🙂

    My favorite numbers are (yes, there are several) 6 and 15 (and they’re linked). If you tell me the silly reason why you like 11, I’ll tell you why I like 6 and 15. Deal?

  2. A plane nerd? Ha, if it was only that. I’m the biggest WWII nerd in existence. And I mean that.

    Hey, I accept your proposal, it’s a deal.

    11 is my favorite number precisely because it’s the model number of the PZL P.11, which is, methinks, a plane which had many merits.

    Done. You?

  3. Fair enough. I was born on the 4th of February (4+2=6) at 15h15. That’s why.


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