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… is the place where we have exactly the same problems as a century ago, and guess what, we are applying exactly the same solutions, the ones that didn’t work the first time over.

Supreme Court orders Cataluña to use Spanish in teaching in schools

Spanish Supreme Court declares that Spanish must also be a school teaching language

Two points of view, both of them quite biased.

But the thing to remember is, you could already choose what kind of school, Spanish or Catalan, you wanted for your kids. You could already choose, the worst thing that could happen is that you would have to go a little farther. But now Spanish schools will still have Spanish, while Catalan schools will have to spend half the time with Spanish. In a place where they hear it anyway.

Seroiously, guys. Stop trying to convert the natives. Yeah, the natives.

Spain is one country, one state, but four different nations. It’s ok, we can accept other people.


4 comentarios to “Spain…”

  1. wait, I’m confused. I totally agree with the entry, but which are the four nations? Catalans, sure. Castilians? Basques? Andalucians? Gallegos? Or are we not counting the basques?

  2. Catalan, Basque, Galician, and everyone else is Castillian.

  3. Like!! Preserve the diversity. 🙂 It makes us all special and unique.

    Sounds like Catalan is being edged out. Uncool.

  4. Well, yeah, that’s the point. A part of the population would like to see it erased. But Catalans are not letting themselves be pushed around, and that makes me sincerely happy. I speak the language myself, and I love the culture.

    Actually, and despite the many years of dictatorships, Catalan has mantained surprising vigour, and it’s one of the less minoritary minority language in the world. 🙂


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