New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia


So I’ve been in this place, it’s a sort of Gothic palace. Extremely tall carved columns raising high, pushing out of the floor to sustain, high up, a glass ceiling.
Flights of stairs as heavy as I had ever seen, 4 meters in width, very long, tucked away in darks corners of the building. Only indirect light in the stairs, then strong light and glittering from the shop studded by the walls.
A little microclimate of ancient commerce traditions bleached away by the sun. Bare and even mechanic, without a human element to it.

But what I remember most is how unbearably tired I was, not at the end, but at the start of climbing those stairs.

It’s called the ГУМ

Anyway, thats enough. I’m taking a plane right now.
I’m going []


Una respuesta to “ГУМ”

  1. I’ve been in Moscow, but never entered the GUM. My moscovite friends were, for some reason, reluctant to go there and I didn’t want to force them. Now someway I know why they were not willing.


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