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A thought for a night of insomnia

What do I do on nights of insomnia? Now you can see it: I browse the contents of the US Department of Defence networks. Just for curiosity, since I couldn’t care any less.

*sigh* insomnia

This is a very surprising and intelligent thing I read just the other day, on the wall of a museum.
You could say I’ve read the writing on the wall.

Citation [modifier]

Dans le film documentaire Sans soleil de Chris Marker, le narrateur dit : « L’indépassable philosophie de notre temps est contenue dans le Pac-Man : peut-être parce qu’il offre la plus parfaite métaphore graphique de la condition humaine. Il représente à leur juste dose les rapports de forces entre l’individu et l’environnement, et il nous annonce sobrement que s’il y a quelque honneur à livrer le plus grand nombre d’assauts victorieux, au bout du compte, ça finit toujours mal. »

And don’t stop watching this magnificent video.

Please bring back that past!


3 comentarios to “A thought for a night of insomnia”

  1. Chris Marker is *the* shit. Now that you’ve hinted at a vague trace of an interest in that fecking genius (with whom, ahem, I have had tea on a couple occasions…), I shall have to strap you a chair in the near future and force you Clockwork-Orange style to watch at least twice all three hours of “Le fond de l’air est rouge” (a.k.a. “A Cat Without a Grin”). You’ve asked for it.

  2. *(a.k.a. “A Grin Without a Cat”, d’uh!)

  3. Bastard, you know all the cool people


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