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Sperging in the night

Ok, so take a look at the wizzair webpage

At first sight it’s a completely innocent low cost airline website, right?
Map with destinations, striking colours, a menu to look for flights on a given date…

Then you start looking for information about a certain flight that has been cancelled and you need to look for the page to get the refund…

And you find this

Yeah, most of it looks normal, but look at the final paragraphs

Customer relations and business contacts
customer relations
If you need to contact us directly please fill in and submit this form: claims.
If you have questions regarding a specific reservation or your enquiry is of an urgent nature please contact our Call Centre.
It may take 30 days to answer your e-mail, should your request be urgent we recommend that you contact our Call Centre.

Ok…. so you are telling me to my face that your claims service sucks dick? And that I just have to swallow it?

I mean… don’t treat me like that, I haven’t done anything for you to hate me, I’m just a client!

And then you get to the pictures section.

The pics of planes are banal… but looks at the looks of those hot stewardesses and those cool but professional top guns pilots.

And let’s not forget its nemesis


What does it say about you that there is a particular group of people hate you SO much? What could you have done to piss them off so royally?

That’s it for now. This post is in no way critical of wizzair. I’m just pointing out that their webpage contains a lot of odd and interesting things.


Una respuesta to “Sperging in the night”

  1. OMG that wizzairsucks site is awesome! I literally laughed my ass off. Now I’ve got to stick it back on with super-glue. I had no idea it existed. Hurray! If I were on facebook, and it had a page, I would friend it. But then I’d have to swallow a bullet. Anyways.

    Yes, I know, I know. Wizzair blows. Except when things go well. Trust me, as my long-distance relationship partially rests on their continued existence, I have some very, VERY mixed feelings about them. A mixture of annoyance, disapointment, irritation, but also appreciation – when it’s cheap, it’s pretty cheap, derision – when it’s not cheap, woah baby, is it ever NOT cheap, and national pride. Ever since the russians bought out Malev (ok, the hungarian government has since bailed it out and thus re-nationalized it) Wizzair became the defacto Hungarian airline. What does that say about the country?


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