New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia


Ya esta. Ya he visto LA peli que hacia falta ver.

Porque… They fucked with the wrong Mexican!

MACHETE: Perfect
Por cierto, que mis ultimas criticas de peli igual fueron un poco escuetas.

I said that “thank you for smoking” was republican because it tells a story of how effeminated, neurotic characters want to prohibit tobacco companies, who kill you but have this very charming spokesman. Yeah, the guy is soooo cool that watching him grants manipulating the political process to gain more money. And manipulating our feelings, the cheap way.
Fuck you, ok? Don’t tell me about free choice when you have the money and the will to saturate our senses with advertisement and even research how to make us consule more taking advantage on how our brains work.

Closer was a magnificent experience. A very subtle study of human relationships. Very thought provoking and very interesting.
And I said screwed because, seriously, all the characters in it are.
Some music to go along. Johnny Cash
And I’ll leave you with a question. Anyone who wants to answer, in any language, will be much appreciated.

Five years ago; how were your studies, your friends, the things you liked about it, those little things who struck you an still think about from time to time?


7 comentarios to “MACHETE”

  1. que grande ese machete, cortando cabezas desde el minuto uno!!!

  2. XD Grande eh? Pero responde a mi pregunta xD

  3. Five years ago, I hated my studies but I had to get a degree to enter ESIT. Friends : really few. It struck me to see how many brainless girls there can be in just one university.

  4. Thanks Daph, you are cool.

  5. You’re welcome :))

  6. Five years ago … 2005. I was in my junior year of college. I had a really interesting and well-paid internship doing cost accounting for Johnson and Johnson (cost accounting = determining the cost, not the price, of producing something and deciding how and when that cost will be recognized as an expense. It’s interesting. There are a lot of different ways to do it). I loved it. I lived in South Philadelphia in an Italian neighborhood with a market. On Saturdays I worked in a consiegnment shop (which has since gone out of business 😦 ). I volunteered for a great organization called Build-a-Bridge International, teaching dance classes for kids in homeless shelters. If I could go back to any time in my life and start again knowing what I know now, it would be this year. That was also the year I met a man that changed my life. I wish I hadn’t.


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