New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia


But accent-wise, the worst are always the Koreans. IMHO.

Correction: Heard a Turkish minister read out a statement in… English I guess.

I worked for THE Church the other day for the first time. For one of their most important charitable organization, to be precise.

Very formative. I’ve discovered that in those places they speak of mostly the same things, namely the application of Article 21 of the rules of procedure on voting. And that the debates, because they concern the managing of an organization that deals with money and wants results from it are very similar.

The few differences I found were that they say “monsignor” instead of delegate, “Your eminence” instead of “mr. chairman” and instead of invoking the mission of the organization they invoked the mission that the Holy Father placed upon their shoulders. That threw me off balance. When you interpret you are more or less used to diplomatese, and you learn to expect the common expressions, their jargon and what position every country will probably take. So, hearing about the Holy Father took me by surprise.

On top of their touches of local colour they are excellent employers.


3 comentarios to “Curas”

  1. Did you feel His amazing grace upon thee?

  2. Pppfffffffffffyou see… I was too busy interpreting and thinking about pretty girls.

  3. Good point.


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