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More a-historical hijinks

So now I’ve discovered Crusader Kings. I’m playing right now as the King of Aragon, Duke of Barcelona, count of Lleida, Tarragona, Zaragoza y Calatayud, as well as Duke of Grenada and count of Almeria, Murcia and Algeciras.

And It’s a pretty cool game, I’m winning and stuff. Now, something happened… 😦

Tomas is not going to be happy...

And as I imagine the brave Swedish defenders taking the hills, I will hear their immortal song:

“Oh Flower of Gotland
when will we see
your like again…”


Una respuesta to “More a-historical hijinks”

  1. Meh, never mind who happens to hold political rule over Gotland at any given time. It’s irrelevant.

    I mean, the Gutar originally *agreed* to Swedish rule way over a thousand years ago, and yet you’ll still find people there who speak a language (Gutnish) that is more closely related to archaic Icelandic than it is to modern Swedish… So conquerors may come and go, the unbreakable spirit of the Gutar remains (or more often than not, wannabe conquerors who got their asses thoroughly kicked on Gotland but who were important enough as business partners to be granted a little consolation “honorary sheriff” badge. Let the mainland wimps save face, they do have good coin…)

    The above of course is particularly true of Fårö. Notice how the info box in that image only mentions Gotland proper? That is not a coincidence my friend.

    Stora kramar,



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