New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia

Things not to do at night

1- Reach the holy writings after seeing one verse quoted on a facebook status. Since it can be poetic, but also creepy.

Writings of Job

2- Read forums that show me that I’m completely outdated about videogames. And that some genres are already using their last original scripts. I say that because they’re already mixing combat fighter games fighting… faeric empires? Seriously, guys?

Let’s play Ace Combat 5

3- Remembering random things I read in my childhood.

The Battle for Guadalcanal

4- Don’t leave the window closed. Open it and listen to the drizzle and the natural sounds of the city. Roaring bikes for instance.

5- Stop finding deeper meanings in the spam that reaches my inbox

6- Stop listening to the anthem of New Zealand.

Aotearoa / God defend New Zealand

7- Stop posting your booth doodles

Booth Doodles

8- Stop wanting to watch old sci-fi movies.
The day the earth stood still

9- Don’t try to purchase things online

On other news:

Some music and an amazing piece of data.

Slash -Crucify the dead
Slash has new band and new album. That album is going to be bought SO HARD.

3 comentarios to “Things not to do at night”

  1. Wish I hadn’t read this before bed. Job is really not a bedtime story.

  2. Why are you listening to the New Zealand anthem anyway?

  3. @Philly: No, it is not. I remember reading a quote, looking for the whole text and reading it in one go, tipsy and at night. Baaaaad vibes.

    @Daph: Long and painful story. I’ll tell you some time.


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