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Why I like anthems

Because… no, I must give you some background.

Ok, musically they are nice. But also… I think many times they contain something nice, something true. Something that can appeal to all decent human beings. I don’t mean the patriotic “love your country right or wrong” crap. I hate patriotism, remember? But many anthems appeal also to our noblest emotions, to freedom, to equality, to brotherhood.*

Let’s consider, for instance, the text that guides all my religious/mystical/pagan beliefs.

The God of the believer is made by him who observes Him, so this God is his artifact. Hence, his praise of what he has made is his praise of himself.That is why he blames the belief of others. If he were fair, he would no do so. But of course the possessor of this specific object of worship is ignorant of that, since he objects to others in what they believe concerning God. If he knew what Junayd said – that the water takes on the colour of the container – he would let every believer have his own belief and he would recognize God in the form of every object of belief

From “the Sufi path to knowledge” By Ibn Arabi

Ok, and now, from that point of view, read again the third verse of the Deutschlandlied (Only the third verse is officially the anthem).

Unity and justice and freedom
For the German fatherland!
For these let us all strive
Brotherly with heart and hand!
Unity and justice and freedom
Are the pledge of fortune;
Bloom in this fortune’s blessing,
Bloom, German fatherland

Holy shit, that is something I can get behind!!! Not for Germany alone, for Spain, for mankind!!

Unity and justice in the spontaneous brotherhood of humans respecting and recognizing each other’s fundamental dignity, resulting in freedom!!

😀 Those are the feelings that really inflame my heart when I hear one of those nice anthems.

* Yeah, competely intentional.

4 comentarios to “Why I like anthems”

  1. I agree, I think they’re sometimes seen with prejudices.

    Adivina quien pillaba cd’s de la biblioteca con himnos nacionales y se hacia cassettes con 8 años… ¬¬

    i love anthems…

  2. I Guess they are seen with prejudices from defendants of one anthem against the others.

    Mh…. con 8 años… mh… no se… ¿Carlos Castaneda?

    You love anthems, but I love them more. Ha. xD

  3. You – are – a – nerd. 🙂

  4. I *AM*. Thanks for that ! 🙂


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