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I’ve been back to the place.

Not in Rome

Every time I go to Barcelona, at least for a few hours, tears are never far away.

I think of Barcelona towering over me, looking down on me and asking me what have I done away from her. Have I been an honorable son of Barcelona? Have I learnt the teachings Barcelona gave me? Have I made a name for myself? Did you make me proud, she demands…

In Barcelona there are three things for me: Good friends that I love, places full of nostalgia and good places to eat. (In many cases those cathegories intersect of course).

So, sometimes, when I’m in a bit of a grey mood I think of going to Barcelona and doing something crazy. For instance, 1. I’d go to visit a dear friend, right after 2. I’d go to a place of nostalgia to immediately 3. proceed to one of the good tasty places to eat. And in the next second, I’d be back in number one. No pause. Not a day after, a minute after.

So that I would overdose in all the emotions and feelings that Barcelona has in store for me, and blow out in a big explosion of good food and tears.

But actually, I think I’ve made good use of my time, I’m doing the life I wanted, and one I like, so I think I measure up to the test of Barcelona.

Sometimes I feel her distant, benevolent look on me. 🙂


4 comentarios to “Barcelona”

  1. Love your photos (as always).
    Barcelona looks like a FANTASTIC city. Spain’s version of Philly 😉 (the best city in America).

    (Except, as my father and brother would point out, you can probably walk around there without fear of getting shot).

  2. Can you be shot in Philly? Really?

    I’m sorry to be blunt, but isn’t that one of the things suburb-swellers think about downtown, which turns out not to be true? I’m thinking of that scene in Bowling for Columbine…

    I’ll show you more pictures. 🙂 Barcelona is an amazing town, not just beautiful, also alive.

    By the way, you just won a prize. Yeah. Your comment is number 200 in my blog. And since this is my 120th post, that means that each posts averages 1.6666666666667 comments.

    I am not surprised that you won. 🙂 What can I give you as a prize? Do you like knives?

  3. HAHAHA!! That’s hilarious! I had a teacher in Italy that always said, “They won’t shoot you in Europe, but they’ll knife ya. Watch out for knives!” Mostly he meant Italy. You can probably survive knifing though. Do you have pretty girly knives? With flowers, swirly patterns, or pink?

    I’ve never seen Bowling for Columbine believe it or not. Actually… it’s a little of both. The city isn’t as dangerous as suburbanites make it out to be at all. BUT, Philly is kinda known for shootings. :/ This summer they had so many that a special curfew was imposed. A few years ago the national gaurd was almost called in. Basically, it is NOT a city you can wander around in aimlessly exploring and get lost. There are a some dangerous spots and it’s really important to avoid them. All the touristy stuff is in safe places. So voila. Philly is still awesome.

    Yay! I love winning! Congrats on your 120th post 🙂

  4. 🙂 I’d still live downtown though. Thanks for that!

    I’ll check out the knives… it’s just that here we have our traditional knives (it’s our main and most famous export, by the way, since the 15th century) and tradition doesn’t give you that much leeway, you know ?



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