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Amazing things – La Copla

Ok, so I’m starting a new cathegory here. Amazing things. Things I find amazing and I want to share with you, the reader.

So, today I listened to some really classic Spanish folk music. Copla.

Let me quote someone much cleverer than me, to illustrate what Copla is:
The copla and the Spanish popular song constitute, like it or not, much of the collective feeling and imagination of the Spanish people. The melodies and lyrics, to the joy of some and dismay of others, represent the popular essence of Andalusia and the rest of Spain, to know and listen to these songs is to know and listen to the musical memory of a country whose most quintessential sounds are flamenco and copla.

This genre of folk singing was born in post-war Spain, in the early forties.
It’s very lyirical and it’s always sung in verse since the original meaning of copla is a type of verse.
One single performer stands on stage alone, accompanied by an rchestra, and for a short time they’ll recite an entire story, an entire romance or an entire drama, in a vew verses of very nuanced phrases of fast and careful strokes. The listener, then, his r her imagination fired up from the associations that the verses produce, fill the gaps of the story.

So look:

It’s wonderful, really beautiful.


Una respuesta to “Amazing things – La Copla”

  1. I like your new category 🙂


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