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Dual monitors

I really admire guys who work in computers with dual monitors. It’s like they are more real, more IT guys.

It’s like having a revolver for a cowboy.

Like, look at this picture. It’s one of those caricatures with very little joke in it.

Seriously, that could be my brother any given day. Didn’t take a picture of him because he was concentrated on his command chair, protecting us all with his computing skillz.

Films. I’ve seen a great one just now.

Let’s comment it:
Falling down: Republican

1992 film, how that for a blast from the past? But it’s still great.



5 comentarios to “Dual monitors”

  1. I’m confused as to what you’re referring to. “Dual monitors” is two monitors for the same PC. So basically, it’s expanding the space you have to see what you’re doing, and not having to either hide or minimize programs. Since you often set the monitors one next to the other, it’s basically a question of seeing one monitor as the extension of the other.
    But the comic you linked to is referring to actually having two computers going on at once, and so having two very different sets of activities going on at the same time.

    PS: Managed to find someone to go with me to see Wicked in London in two months *happy dance* !

  2. From my own comfy command chair, set in front of my big-ass tv, with my phone nearby and my laptop on my lap, I say Aye!

  3. Madeleine, that’s what you think.

    My brother is not a cae of having two screens showing different windows about the same subject, lists or refrences. My brother, when he winds down at night he has 3 screens: Starcraft II, A manga and TV, in a small corner of the Starcraft II screen.

  4. Your bro rocks, as does ADD XD. I’d do that too, except I’m not good enough at Starcraft to auto-pilot.

  5. From what I hear he’s kicking a LOT of ass.


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