New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia


Does it need any further explanation?

I don’t think so.

Coolpeoplevania, the independent country where only people I find cool would life.

That country is cool, and PUI is cool.


7 comentarios to “Coolpeoplevania”

  1. Also, I preferred Coolpeoplestan, but as a fellow blogger and true friend said, “If it ends up with “stan”, the US will nuke us. So, no.”

    This is her blog

  2. We could have a Simon Belmont hunting a dracula-like figure.

  3. I also prefer Coolpeoplestan. But, would not like to be bombed, or increase the number of countries on the US bomb list. Coolpeoplevania works. Like Pennsylvania 馃檪 Although, that’s probably not where you had in mind when you went with “vania”.

    Why the long blog silence?

  4. Actually, the “Vania” suggestion came from an American friend, so it might very well be a reference to pennsylvania. Although she’s a videogame geek, so maybe not.

    The silence is a byproduct of me being busy and lazy.

  5. And where would that heaven be? At your place? 馃檪


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