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My favorite LP’s

This is the list of my favorite LP’s. Really, watch some of them, they are really funny/good/informative.

Best animated puzzlegame and Best Music

Machinarium by dantheman650

Best Survival Terror

System Shock 2
by Raar_Im_A_Dinosaur

Best Cops Pew Pew

SWAT4 by Khad

Best Hardboiled

Max Payne by Baldurk

Best Zombies

Dead Rising by Oatmealrisin
(Take that, L4D)

Best KA-BOOM and best LOL

Mercenaries 2:World in Flames by Lithuanian Dad and helloitsdad

Best Dogfight

Crimson Skies by Research indicates

Best Defiling

Ultima 7 by IT-HE

Best Paradox

Paradox thread of Poland by Crazy Joe Wilson


3 comentarios to “My favorite LP’s”

  1. Just read the one on Ultima 7. Funny.

  2. You should totally take a look to the “drugs” part of that LP. It’s hilarious.

    One note to all oh those who don’t know what an LP is.

    It stands for “Let’s play…” and it’s simply people playing a videogame in a particular manner (in a very good manner, or in a very hilarious manner, most of the time) and commenting on it while they play. Funny comments, but also informative.

  3. […] – Proper storytelling – Reading books – Listening to the radio (music doesn’t count, of course)v – Watching series on TV or w/e. And of course any hybrid thereof, including the summit of nerdiness I so enjoy, watching “Let’s Play videos.“ […]


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