New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia

Honor among thieves

Thievery Corporation.

I saw them yesterday. It was a blast, a suitable blast.

In the first half hour they played all of my favorites. Lebanese Blonde, Until the morning (They played the rewound version, which I prefer!) and Heaven’s gonna burn your eyes. All of them easy to find in this very blog. Then proceeded to blog my mind with even more amazing stuff.

The beat of those songs was like a silken breeze, caressing my skin and eardrums. Everyone and everything danced to the universal rythms, of which these people are not the creators, just the soundboard of something deeper, ingrained in the fabric of time and space, and that usually we can’t hear.

Worthy of note is that they had 5 or 6 different singers on stage, each one of them with just the appropiate voice for this or that song. Like artisans of sound, they tailored each song with a particular, distinctive voice.

They were amazing.

From all those singers, I particularly remember a tall Brazilian girl, singing Hare Krishna beautifully.

You know? I’d like to take her hand, speak to her very softly, right into her ear. I’d make her smile and laugh, then invite her to my place.

There, after a glass of wine, I would look straight into her deep black eyes…

… and cook some hearty meal for her. She was too skinny for my taste.

Maybe my last movie review was a bit short… anyway, Prince of Persia was really nice. It’s a trashy movie, good to switch off your brain. But it’s thoughtful, interesting, and not-so-trashy. 🙂 The caracters are fleshed out enough, and interesting.

I think the only thing that would have improved it would have been if the main female caracter had been able to kick some serious ass with a sword. Really, that’s the only thing I found lacking.

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