New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia


– Swept
– Vacuumed
– Moped (in the literal sense)
– Cleaned the sink, the lavabo and the WC
– Bought a new broom (I broke it)
– Bought cable ties to repare my mop (I also broke it… damn, I should stop going to the gym, I’m buff and I don’t master my own strength)
– Translated a page of the Tao Te King (ru>sp)
– Bought a suitcase (the kind you can take on board)
– Did my daily guitar practice
– Called a friend yet to meet in Rome
– Organized my whole plane ticket schedule for the next couple of months
– Wrote to some friends

To do:
Daily Russian practice
– Bulgarian
– Writing to more friends
– Sending a letter to Mr. Robert
– Laundry
– Go to CPAM and hopefully get my Carte Vitale once and for all
– Taxes
– Start preparing a meeting
– Send out a couple of CV’s
– Different social events
– Teach someone a couple of sentences in Spanish


5 comentarios to “Saturday”

  1. – Drink beer with Tomas and me at his place.
    Tomorrow night ?

  2. Jeez Louise!

    but I appreciate being included 🙂

  3. How on earth can you break a broom? Did you try flying on it or what?

  4. Daph, I promise I did nothing. I was sweeping and *snap* it broke in two. I think the gym is showing some results…

  5. What kind of gym program makes you break brooms? How to become Superman? 😀


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