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El Senado y el Pueblo de Roma

Hace mucho, mucho tiempo que no voy a Roma. Hecho mucho de menos muchas cosas de allí. De esas, bastantes me están vedadas. Y otras no tendré tiempo.

Si, voy a Roma. Roma, la capital de dos imperios Romanos. Roma.

Creo que lo más adecuado es un poema.

Animula, vagula, blandula
Hospes comesque corporis
Quae nunc abibis in loca
Pallidula, rigida, nudula,
Nec, ut soles, dabis iocos…

P. Aelius Hadrianus Imp.


4 comentarios to “El Senado y el Pueblo de Roma”

  1. Can you find me a good (or even just semi decent) free online translating page so I can read the Spanish posts? This one is not cutting it!

  2. Do you realize that asking a professional translator for one of the free online translation thingies is an insult that could kill you, don’t you ?

    Besides, I’ve tried many of them and they are horrible crap.

    Try google translate, it’s marginally less bad, but it’s shit anyway.

  3. haha. I guess that could be insulting. Obviously, my first choice would be a pocket sized Pablo I could keep in my pocket to translate everything I don’t understand for me (including English). I don’t think I can afford to keep you in my pocket as a personal translator though. Sleep easy, your job is safe because there are no good free online translations. I am still clueless. I’ll just invent what you’re writing about in my head. That will make for more fun comments anyway….

    So… the Senate and people of Rome invented a new pizza menu? It has lots of things, including a new nacho pizza? Genius. Those Italians can make anything into a good pizza…

  4. Commercializing pocket-sized me’s would be seriously cool. Damn techies, invent a machine for that already.

    I actually love your translation even more than what I wrote.

    That said, you always have the option of asking me what does it say.


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