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New York, final Balance

It’s taken a while, but here it is, the promised article about NYC.

It’s slightly pointless, since I won’t be going there, at least for a while. Yup, I didn’t pass the test. Oh well, next time then.

But! I can share my impressions with you.


– Ithaca beer, and a pletora of other beers to try.

– Quality treatment for chemically induced hunger. (Actually, I’ll have to post an entire article about this).

– Baseball (go Phillies!)

– Cool places with that friendly, bohemian touch I find in Paris. For instance, this wine shop that does “Sip & film evenings”. They play a film, you sample wine, then there’s cinema discussion! How cool is that? Well, there are many of those nice things.

-Food. Oh man, the food. The Fish Market Restaurant, that I discovered entirely by accident while drifting beneath one motorway. Or the Shiki Kitchen “all you can eat, literally, it’s not our problem if you burst out because of the quantity of freaking delicious sushy you ate”-style restaurant. Reaaally cool place. Really. Shiki Kitchen, remember that name if you go there.
It’s my beloved Emilia’s favorite Sushi place in NYC for a reason. And so many things to discover.

– People drive OK. Like, seriously. It’s NY, I was so not expecting this. I was expecting rough, aggressive drivers. I found the contrary. Maybe R.A. Heinlein was right when he said “An armed society is a polite society”…

– Vending machines in which you can pay with banknotes. Yeah. You know how in Europe you have to try that 5 euro note 2 or 3 times until the bugger accepts it? Well, not in the US. Every machine takes every note, first try. That’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of hapiness at work, I’m sure.

– Football. You know, only months ago, football would have been in the Cons list. I would argue: “Why do they call their brand of Rugby for padded wussies football instead of reserving that word for real football?” But then my best friend convinced me otherwise with a single sentence: “Pablo… they fact that they are padded means they can be more brutal!!!”. So yeah, now Football is cool. Even if it’s not real football

– City structure. Ok, I think I said I was cool with that. Or I told people in person. It’s true, I kind of like NYC in that respect, it’s not a place where the downtown and the suburbs are worlds apart. And it’s SOOOOOOO NOT a Russian city, which is simply unlivable.

But I prefer European cities, what can I say ?? There are gyms near your place in Europe, not so much in the US. I prefer tightly knit cities. So sue me.

– The protestant work ethics. It’s actually ok, in and by itself. But it has been distorted like hell, to make “work, work, work, just work and feed the system”. Don’t like that. End result: there’s stress in everyone’s faces. A tiny bit of it, but I can see it. Me no likey.

– Sudden temperature changes. Yeah, weather was weird while I was there. Or am I getting older, and this less weather-tolerant?

So, the jury is back in: I’d love to go to NY for a year or two.

I still will, I’m sure of that.

Oh, one more thing, about The Limits of Control…… you know, I love Jim Jarmusch. He’s very particular has his own simbology and quirks when it comes to making a film. LIttle things his fans love.

But…. you can have too much of those. The limits of Control is a concentrated of all the things that make Jim Jarmusch special. It’s just that… you CAN get too much of him. And the rythm. It’s too slow. Too minimalists. It’s ok, but… come on.

That said, I shouldn’t be blasting this film, Paz de la Huerta shows up NAKED in it. Really.
Oh, and Bill Murray is in it too!

Don’t get me wrong, I prefer Paz de la Huerta (even dressed) to Bill Murray… but those are different things. I mean… well, you know what I mean and when I want one and the other. Bill Murray is too cool for school.

Anyway, I dunno, it left me a bit cold. I liked everything Jarmuschy but…
On the other hand, there were many, many interesting thoughts.

I think my favorite character was the blonde.


Una respuesta to “New York, final Balance”

  1. yay America! I’ve got just a few things to say, having lived here for a quarter century (less 2 years in Europe), I can’t let you get any wrong ideas. But, mostly you nailed it.

    – Yeah, our football rocks and we have lots of beers 🙂
    – Not too many New Yorkers are going to like that you’re a Phillies fan… BUT too bad for them. I claimed you first in the name of Philadelphia sports teams! 😀 You must always be loyal to the Phillies now! Sports are all about loyalty.
    – You just haven’t lived here long enough to encounter crappy vending machines. They exist. You got lucky.
    – I have no idea what treatment for chemically induced hunger is. It sounds American, but I’m not sure why it’s on your pros list. It doesn’t sound happy.
    -Didn’t sudden temperature changes happen everywhere this year? Isn’t that part of global warming?
    -All you can eat restaurants… I think you have to be a boy, drunk, or high to appreciate them, otherwise… :/. You got the boy thing going for you. So, go ahead and love them.
    -Yeah, our football rocks (just wanted to reiterate).

    Also, you forgot to mention bagels… a food highly underrated by the rest of the world. And 24/7 WaWa’s… a concept highly underrated by the rest of the world.


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