New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia


This is the bridge at Lugo, or Lucus Augusti.

It dates back to the lower Roman empire, and has endured some reconstructions. It is, still today, the only bridge in service in this city (about which I’ll write soon enough).

Think about it. The stones of this bridge are more than two thousand years old. The bridge was built at a time when the heaviest thing passing through it would be a wooden cart. And it’s taking buses, today. Taking them in its stride.

You could say something banal about overkill in Roman engineering.

Personally I think that those rocks, just as the sacred grove the city was named after, were there before mankind, and will there when the soft rains come.
The rocks, the landscape is there. We are just passing by.

“We will leave the bridge,” the man said, “and seek medical aid for your injury. I myself have a thorough working knowledge of anatomy, should it prove necessary.”

“Unh, thanks,” Rydell managed. “If I could just buy some four-inch tape and some analgesic plasters at that Lucky Dragon, I could probably make do.” He looked around, wondering when he’d next see or be seen by the one with the scarf. He had a feeling the scarf was the one he’d really have to watch out for; he couldn’t say why. “What if those mercs scope us leaving?”

“Don’t anticipate outcome,” the man said. “Await the unfolding of events. Remain in the moment.”
-All of Tomorrow’s parties, by William Gibson.


3 comentarios to “IV”

  1. Why do you like bridges so much? Bridges in Paris… Bridges in Lugo… So many bridges. Have you always held such an affinity for bridges?

  2. That is a beautiful photo by the way. Did you take it?

  3. 🙂 I try to take as many of the pictures as I can for the blog… but when it comes to bridges, I’ve taken all the pictures myself.


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