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Folsom Prison blues

Here, let me introduce you to her.

“Mallu Magalhães
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mallu Magalhães

Background information
Birth name Maria Luiza de Arruda Botelho Pereira de Magalhães
Born August 29, 1992 (1992-08-29) (age 17)
São Paulo, Brazil

Maria Luiza de Arruda Botelho Pereira de Magalhães, best known as Mallu Magalhães (São Paulo, August 29, 1992) is a Brazilian singer-songwriter.”

As you can probably imagine, I am madly in love with her since the moment I first heard her pound that blues. Meaning, a couple of days ago. It’s self-evident that now all my efforts in life are directed are being introduced to her. Not at making her fall in love with me or anything, that I will manage. Just someone get me her mobile phone number.

Now, listen closely toher voice. Yes, it’s childlish. Yes, there are a thousand better singers (she sings from her throat, not her diaphragma). Yes, she is not the most qualified person to sing the blues.*

* But again, who is? According to canon, and canon means’s guide on “How to sing the blues”, Teenagers and anyone who owns a computer can’t sing the blues. But for now, we will turn a blind eye to these facts of life.

I get a boner every time I hear her singing this.

Just, don’t listen to the lyrics. Just the guitar and that slightly childlish voice. She doesn’t sing from her belly, there are thousands of better singers than her, yeah, yeah. Even I sing better than her, shit. (Although she can run circles around me with that guitar).

But that lithe, high pitched voice singing some blues really does it for me.

I find it extremely attractive and nice, to hear that gentle and sweet voice singing that blues, reminding us of our own mortality, the fragility of our flesh, the weight of our mortal shackles and all those things that blues should remind you of, when you are actually listening to it, and not using as background music for having sex.*

* That, we should add that to the “How to sing the blues guide”. “If you have sex often, that disqualifies you from singing the blues.”

More to the point, that song is lovely, sung by a lovely young lady.

Now… why, must you be wondering, don’t you rather listen to the Johnny Cash version?

The reason is simple: Mr. Cash sings the real thing. He DOES sing the blues. So well, in fact, that I find it very unsettling.

Really, although I love it, I can’t really listen to him sing the Folsom prison blues. He manages just the right kind of vibrato with his voice, that he could just convince me that he is singing that live from a cell in folsom prison.

He is s good that he induces a very real sense of despair in me.
And honestly, that’s not what I need right now.


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  1. tu dis plus rien ?


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