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First impressions and Brooklyn

I wanted to write some impressions of the town so far, but hey, I discovered I said it just right in an email I just sent to a friend. Edited for content.

“The trip was mind numbingly boring. I discovered nice things about girls in Ireland, reflected on my own travel gear, that kind of thing.

The border guards let me through without really looking at my beard. Maybe they are following me to take them to my basque contacts or something.

It took me waaaay too long to reach my friends place, but finally got here. Extremely nice people. I met my friend’s husband too.

My first impressions of the city: Likey!

I was walking quite a bit through brooklyn, and I started digging all this “low houses” thing. Like, ample expanses of city where no building is taller than two stores. BUT! and this is the big difference, these are no suburbs! I’ve seen suburbs in Ireland and they are not for me. Just houses, carbon copied one from the next… here, buildings are different, and you’ve got your shops, your pakistani phone shops that kind of thing, all around. Life.

Also, my first impression of the city has been greatly helped my a random stranger. I was waiting for a train (and let’s not get started on the subway here: it’s like an abusive spouse that’s awesome in bed) and looking around. I saw this nice black woman coming over. My glance probably lingered one second or two more than it’s convinient, so I smiled to signal that I meant no harm.

So she says “Nice bag” (Note that my suitcase is eye-hurtingly horrible) and I answer “Yeah, my mom bought it, with this colour it’s impossible to miss it on the airport belt”. Cue to us shooting the shit about her travels and mine, and she pointing me the way to go on foot to the subway station I needed. (Another reason for the “abusive spouse” comparison, when you most need a fix, it leaves you stranded).

No, don’t let me sound bitter about that, the subway is great, it’s just that I haven’t figured it out yet*. But one downside: I have the impression you need much more attention here than in the Paris metro. Meaning, less reading. On the upside, more talking with random strangers.”

* OOooh, so that’s NY subway system trap!

Don’t, however, expect the same frequency of posts in the future. I’ll be doing things, you know.


2 comentarios to “First impressions and Brooklyn”

  1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself :). And yes, Brooklyn does have a definite and specific feel… And don’t forget to eat out!

  2. Great post ! It was like reading a good book.


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