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Useful, open source programs


Today I was thinking about starting up a database… nothing important, whatever. But that got me thinking: are there any good programs to make databases? Programs which are free, open source?

And suddenly I remembered my times as a UN Volunteer. Yep, that does exist. Lemme show it to you.

United Nations Online Volunteers Website

Take a look. They are always in need of people. It’s good experience, the projects are usually interesting and the people managing them, pretty laid back.

I spent an entire year with them translating different things. And mind you, I was in Russia! Meaning you CAN translate from home!
I transcripted and translated interviews, translated for the World Computer Exchange
(yeah, really… many of the technical manuals they distribute to Latin America still have my scent!)

It’s good experience, and they produce a certificate for you. A certificate SO COOL that anyone would think you’ve been working at the UN for, like, ages.

One of the things I did translate for the UN volunteers, was a comparative list of propietary programs and their open source equivalents… so take a good look, I’ve used a number of those programs and they are INCREDIBLE.

So far I have used Grisbi (for my accounting), Audacity (to make recordings),
Juice (to manage podcats) and Wesnoth (to… ehm… anyone fancies a game? I’m actually pretty bad).

🙂 So… yeah, take a look at the file, it’s great. I promise, they’ll really help you. And share this document with anyone!!
Free Software For Windows

Oh, and also

I’m an ordinary man.. BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE!

P.S. Tomas would be proud of me for this post 😉


3 comentarios to “Useful, open source programs”

  1. Gracias por las recomendaciones!

  2. Open Office’s version of MS Access, OoBase, is, afaik, one of the only open-source database creators. However, last time I used it, it was still a bit clunky.
    And at that time, the MS and Oo versions were not intercompatible (like the .doc and .otd). Might be worth looking into it again, since there have been quite a few patches since.

  3. Er… I’m not entirely sure my evil twin would be unambiguously proud of you hermano. I mean hey, I laud the effort and attitude mate, but open source software… for Window$??!!!! WTF???

    “The day Microsoft makes a product that doesn’t suck, will be the day they start making vacuum cleaners”.

    Two words for you bro: Ubuntu Linux, which I’ll be more than happy to help you install any day. 😉



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