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Surviving monotaxocausofilia

The Bridge trilogy,1

This is my favorite bridge in Paris.

puenteIt’s part of the Pétite Ceinture, which used to be part of the Paris public transport system. Not anymore.

I love that bridge. It’s seen many of my hours of reflection, wake and sorrow.

When I need to think, chill, or just light a blunt (fumer un petard) that’s where you can find me.

And since we are talking about a bridge, and specifically the Bridge Trilogy, I have to quote:

“A major theme of Virtual Light is class conflict; Warbaby and the elite are placed against Rydell and Chevette. The elite see themselves as inherently superior, and view the underclass as amoral, ruthless, and dispensable. Another important element, which is common to cyberpunk, is the idea of the power structure withholding information from the general population. The information, in this case, are the plans to rebuild an entire city completely, regardless of what its inhabitants think, reminiscent of Haussmann’s renovation of Paris.”


3 comentarios to “The Bridge trilogy,1”

  1. no se que decir, estoy impresionada

  2. if you like bridges, you should visit Budapest, it is full of beatiful bridges

  3. I was there once, and yeah, they do have one hell of a a bridge. Loved it.


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